Artist Statement

Romance, relationships, platonic love, familial love, adolescent love, and especially romantic love are the central concepts in my work. The imagery is generated from multiple sources, from popular culture to personal associations. My work uses the chosen imagery to convey love. One method uses the objects to create a narrative, however nonlinear, in which each element interacts with the next. The objects are composed to recreate an idealized memory. Another approach uses the imagery to create a symbol or icon in which a singular moment is depicted, and nothing is interchangeable. Set against minimal fields of seductive colours, drawing attention to the image’s status as a symbol, one, which is both contradictory and iconic.

Within each piece, the work finds balance or rather flickers between two independent ideas. The images have both masculine and feminine connotations. Cars, trucks, guns, and all the boys’ toys are paired with the furry animals, sweets, and flowers. Opposing ideas are dealt with aesthetically, in the handling of medium as well as setting hard-edged objects upon soft atmospheric grounds, or representing objects with a feathery touch. Both imagery and content are light hearted and sugary sweet but are executed in a slow, painstakingly serious manner. An attempt at subverting the harsh realities of adult love, the works speak of innocence and fantasy. Each piece is a romantic love story. It’s the kind of love that sweeps you off your feet. It’s the one where lovers float on dreamlike seas of beautiful colours with stars in their eyes while blowing heart shaped kisses.